Jonathan Welch

Jonathan Welch

We first encountered Jonathan Welch when he was about twelve years old.

He comes from a long line of musicians. His grandfather was the Music Department Chairman when Indiana Wesleyan University was still Marion College. Jonathan’s father works at Taylor University and is organist at one of our client churches. Practically everyone in his family plays the French Horn, so Jonathan rebelled, and plays the trumpet instead.

Jonathan is a capable organist, and was bitten by the pipe organ bug at an early age. A tinkerer at heart, he had already learned much about how organs work before his joined our team.

As soon as he was old enough, we were eager to make him part of our team.

Jonathan Welch is a capable and gifted tuner, and has an aural sensitivity that is unusual at any age, but remarkable in one so young. He is working on our service team and is quickly learning the construction side of the business.