Our shop in Marion, Indiana.

Reynolds Associates owns shop facilities located at 1737 West 3rd Street in Marion, IN. With over 5,000 square feet of production and storage space (and additional warehouse space off-campus), the shop supports our service and production needs. It includes space for a production office, wood shop, finishing room, assembly, console assembly, and a voicing studio. In this space, we often have two or three different projects proceeding simultaneously, allowing us to serve each customer efficiently.

Marion is a small industrial and farming community in Central Indiana. Our location keeps us close to our customers, and allows us to respond quickly to your needs. Our location in a small community is also consistent with our intention to be a low-cost provider of very high quality service.

Our service teams arrive at your church in clean, up-to-date trucks, clearly marked with our logo. Our technicians wear shirts with the same logo embroidered on them. Your church secretary and staff can feel comfortable that the people working in your church are responsible professionals.