Precision Manufacturing

Parts are precision-made on our CNC cutting system.

To build better instruments, and to do it cost-effectively, we maintain a CNC router system in our Marion shop. This complex piece of equipment uses computer generated (CAD) drawings, created in our shop, to accurately create the components of windchests, reservoirs, and consoles. This system provides far more accuracy than can be achieved with hand-guided equipment, and at a much lower cost.

In addition, our vacuum-laminating system allows us to glue and clamp pieces as large as 4′ x 8′. This machine, designed by David Reynolds and built in our shop, uses the pressure of the atmosphere to provide a theoretical clamping pressure of nearly 2,000 pounds per square foot. When used to laminate a full sheet of premium-grade Baltic birch plywood, the total pressure developed can approach 32 tons of clamping force!