A List of Our Projects

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Broadway United Methodist Church (Sanctuary)

Indianapolis, IN  (2018-2020) - Restoration following Church Fire

Extensive restoration of 2001 Reynolds Associates III manual, 54-rank pipe organ following a disastrous fire at Christmastime 2017. The project was completed on December 18, 2020.


Broadway United Methodist Church (Chapel)

Indianapolis, IN  (2019) - Restoration following Church Fire

Restoration of the 2001 Reynolds Associates II manual, 9-rank organ following a major fire at the church in December, 2017. Restoration included cleaning, rebuilding of windchests and reservoir, pipe restoration, new console, and tonal restoration.

Grace United Methodist Church

Hartford City, IN  (2019)

Console relocation of the 1926/1958 M.P. Möller organ. Also included in this project were a thorough cleaning of the organ's interior, repair of about two dozen damaged pipes, repair of the chimes which had not worked in several years, and a thorough tuning. Grace is a new customer for our firm, and we are delighted to be working with them to preserve this organ. It is a gem!

St. Gaspar del Bufalo Catholic Church

Rome City, IN  (2019)

Renovation of a Wicks organ including new control system, tonal revisions, and revoicing.  The organ had been purchased by the parish as a used organ in 1992, and had been expanded by Weingarten. The expansion included three new sets of pipes.  The control system of the organ was a home-brew system that was not MIDI compatible.  This rural parish wanted to be able to utilize the record/playback feature that a new MIDI system would provide.  At the same time, we revoiced the pipes that had been added in 1992 to soften them and make their speech more even.  We also repurposed a 2 2/3' independent rank to become a 4' Octave.  The project was completed in the spring of 2019.





Immanuel Lutheran Church

Avilla, IN (2018)

Immanuel Lutheran Church in rural Avilla, IN (north of Ft. Wayne) contacted Reynolds Associates to learn about installing a MIDI-record/playback system on their small Wicks organ.  Their organist was only able to play on alternate Sundays because of his other job, and to them, a Sunday service without the pipe organ was just unacceptable. We were able to install a MIDI interface system with a record/playback device. Meanwhile, the church found a unique solution to fill their needs on some of the Sundays when they are without an organist.  Follow the link to read more!!!




Plainfield United Methodist Church

Plainfield, IN (2015-16)

Construction of a new IV manual 48 rank symphonic pipe organ. The case of the new organ is rift-sawn oak. The new instrument includes several vintage voices. The main organ in the front of the sanctuary includes Swell, Great, Choir, and Pedal divisions. The antiphonal division on the back wall of the sanctuary includes a full diapason ensemble as well as a Trompette en Chamade of polished spun copper. The organ was dedicated in May, 2017 with a concert by Ken Cowan.

First United Methodist Church

Connersville, IN (2014-15)

The church's 1941 Moller pipe organ was ruined following a boiler mishap that filled the console and organ chambers with large amounts of live steam. Reynolds Associates designed and built a new II manual 25 rank pipe organ that preserved many of the best voices from the old instrument, but with a new and more flexible tonal palette. During the project, Reynolds Associates also assisted in the redesign of the church's chancel.

St. Joseph Catholic Church

Shelbyville, IN (2014)

Construction of a new II manual, 25 rank pipe organ replacing the previous 1912 M. P. Moller instrument. Selected ranks from the Moller were incorporated into the design of the new organ. A new Liturgical Trumpet is installed in the expression enclosure behind the reredos in the chancel of the church along with a small digital division to support singing from the front of the church.


First Friends Meeting

Noblesville, IN  (2014)

Console replacement and tonal redesign of a Wicks organ. The organ had been in a tornado in 1974, and had been purchased second-hand by the First Friends and installed at that time. By 2014, the Wicks console was literally falling apart. This project involved renovating an excellent M.P. Moller console for the organ and replacing the Wicks console with it. During the project, the winding system of the organ was rebuilt and a selection of digital voices added to increase the tonal palette. We also created a decorative pipe display for the area in front of the tone opening.


High Street United Methodist Church

Muncie, IN (2014-15) Phase II

Final phase of the renovation of this historic organ (originally built in 1931 by E. M. Skinner). Choir division expanded with the addition of diapason, flute, and string stops. Antiphonal division rebuilt and revoiced. New copper Trompette en Chamade installed.

The rededication concert was played by Raul Prieto Ramirez.


Trinity United Methodist Church

Huntington, IN (2013)

Complete renovation and tonal redesign of the 1958 M.P. Moller pipe organ, including tonal additions and re-purposing, releathering of the Moller pitman windchests, new pipe facade, complete console renovation, and digital additions. Rededication concert October 4, 2013, played to a full auditorium by Martin Ellis.


Grace United Methodist Church

Kokomo, IN (2013)

(new facade)

Redesign of the pipe displays of the 1968 Austin organ, in cooperation with Church Interiors, Inc., as part of the redesign of the sanctuary chancel. The project included design and construction of new windchests for the exposed pipes, and refinishing of the pipes, as well as removing and reinstalling parts of the organ as part of the construction project.


North United Methodist Church

Indianapolis, IN (2013)

(console renovation)

The final step in a comprehensive renovation begun in 2003, this project addressed the IV manual console in the chancel, and included work had not been financially feasible at that time. This project included four new manual keyboards, new pedal keyboard, new coupler controls on the nameboard, and the addition of several new functions made possible by the ICS4000 control system, including harmonic couplers in the Solo division and more flexibility for the interface between the chancel and gallery organs.


Central Christian Church

Indianapolis, IN (2012)

Renewal and releathering of the windchests in the 1954 M.P. Moller pipe organ, which had suffered localized moisture damage. The project also included the replacement of the original mechanical relay system in the organ chamber with a solid-state system.

The Episcopal Church of the Ascension

Bardstown, KY (2013)

II manuals, 9 ranks, with 12 digital stops. Console, chest, and wind supply renovation with complete tonal redesign and revoicing.


Grace United Methodist Church

Kokomo, IN  (2010)

Console renovation and new ICS4000 control system for the III manual/42 rank Austin organ (1964). The project also included the addition of a 32' Bombarde in the Pedal, an 8' Oboe in the Swell, new chimes and zimbelstern.


John Knox Presbyterian Church

Indianapolis, IN  (2010)

II manuals, 22 ranks with 12 digital stops. This new organ includes several ranks of pipes from the 1970s E.H. Holloway organ, completely renewed and revoiced. All mechanical portions are new. The organ was renovated for the church's new sanctuary, which was built on the site of the old building.


St. Boniface Catholic Church

Lafayette, IN (2009)

II Manuals/24 ranks. Tonal additions and revoicing, including 8 new ranks of pipes and digital extensions, to the Kilgen organ in this spectacular Gothic Catholic Church.


St. John Cumberland United Church of Christ

Indianapolis, IN (2009)

A new II manual pipe organ of 16 ranks of pipes. The new instrument incorporates tonal material from the church 's 1936 Kilgen pipe organ, along with new pipes, new console, new tonal design, and all-new mechanical systems.


High Street United Methodist Church

Muncie, IN (2009)

Phase I renovation of the large (and much changed in the past) 1931 E.M. Skinner organ, including renovation of the IV manual console, additions of pipes to the Great and Pedal (including a 16' Violone and 16' Ophecleide), redesign of previous tonal alterations for a more cohesive ensemble, installation of new diapason chorus in the Great division. (See Phase II, above, for stoplist)


University Heights United Methodist Church

Indianapolis, IN (2008)

Renovation of the II manual Reuter organ. Project included new Swell main windchests, new reservoirs and winding, addition of one stop (Gemshorn), and renovation of the console.

St. Lawrence Catholic Church

Muncie, IN (2008)

A new two-manual pipe organ of 26 ranks of pipes, including tonal material from the church's historic 1895 Kimball organ. This organ is played in nearly 400 worship services every year.


St. Andrews Catholic Church

Richmond, IN (2008)

Console renovation and new Peterson ICS4000 Integrated Control System on a III Manual/35 Rank Wicks pipe organ.

Shepherd by the Lakes Lutheran Church

Syracuse, IN (2008)

A new pipe organ of 8 ranks of pipes, installed in a contemporary Lutheran church building. The new organ replaces a 40-year-old electronic organ, and is the realization of the congregation's dream to have an authentic pipe organ for worship.


First Baptist Church

Indianapolis, IN (2007)

Major revoicing of the 1960 Casavant organ (III manuals/56 ranks). This organ, one of the first during Lawrence Phelps' tenure at Casavant, had a thin, harsh, forced sound.

The project involved revoicing the foundation work in the organ, strengthening the 8' flutes and principals, "taming" the mixtures, and regulating the reed stops. As part of this project, we also readjusted the wind pressures in the manual divisions, repaired a number of broken pipes in the Trompette en Chamade, and made minor repairs to the console and bench.


First Christian Church

Flora, IN (2007)

Restoration of the 1914 Pilcher case and pipe facade, and redecoration of the display pipes.


St Lawrence Catholic Church

Indianapolis, IN (2007)

When the St. Lawrence congregation contacted us, the were faced with a difficult problem. Water under the concrete floor of the sanctuary had plagued the church for years, filling up the conduit that contained the main cables for the church's 1986 Zimmer organ. Rerouting this cable would involve major construction, including the mess of cutting through concrete and brick. Reynolds Associates solved this problem, and also updated and improved the organ, by installing a new Peterson ICS4000 control system, and enclosing plenum-rated CAT5 cable in a special waterproof jacket that could be run through the existing conduit, and then sealed in by the concrete contractors. The organ now has capabilites it never had before, and the church saved money and mess having its problem solved.


First United Methodist Church

Somerset, KY (2007)

What to do with the ubiquitous Wicks? The original organ was built in 1960 by the Wicks Organ Company. Reynolds Associates completely redesigned and rebuilt this organ into an instrument with a truly distinguished sound that is much more playable and listenable. The organ includes a new console and control system as well as a new Principal ensemble that is planted on our exclusive channeled toeboard windchest design.

First Evangelical Presbyterian Church

Kokomo, IN (2006-07)

Renovation of the III-manual Schantz organ, including console renovation, releathering, rewiring of entire organ, and the addition of several ranks of pipes including a new Trumpet stop for the Choir division.


Irvington United Methodist Church

Indianapolis, IN (2006)

Renovation of the III manual-34 rank E. H. Holloway pipe organ, resulting in a III manual-43 rank instrument for this historic Indianapolis congregation. The project includes a new horizontal Trompette en Chamade, the Moriarity Trumpet, as well as a new control system, 3-manual console, and a new Choir division.


First Presbyterian Church

Somerset, KY (2005)

A new Reynolds Associates pipe organ of II manuals/17 ranks. This remarkably versatile and capable instrument was designed to fit into a very limited space.


St. Paul Lutheran Church

Michigan City, IN (2005)

Renovation of a III manual/50 rank Austin organ (Opus 2452 - 1967), including a complete renovation of the console with a Peterson ICS4000 control system, including MIDI interface with General MIDI voice module and record/playback capabilities. The instrument was thoroughly cleaned, including chemical cleaning of the 19 ranks of exposed pipes, and installation of new stainless steel tuning sleeves.


The Unitarian Church of All Souls

Indianapolis, IN (2005)

Restoration of the 1962 Holtkamp organ (III manuals, 31 ranks). The project included a complete renovation of the console, including new keyboards and Peterson ICS400 integrated control system, and reconditioning of the pipes. Tonally, the organ was preserved in original condition.


Grace Episcopal Church

Muncie, IN (2005)

Renovation and tonal additions to the II manual Gabriel Kney tracker organ (1972), bringing the total number of ranks to 20. Additions included a new 8' Principal in the Great division, an 8' Trumpet, and a new Rohrflote playing in the Pedal at 8' and 4'. New stop controls were added, along with an updated solid state combination action.


First Friends Meeting

Indianapolis, IN (2005)

Renovation of III manual/24 rank Casavant organ (1958). Includes new ensemble stops, complete revoicing of existing pipework, complete console renovation with Peterson ICS4000 control system including MIDI interface and record/playback capabilities. Upon completion, organ was increased to III manuals/35 ranks.


First United Methodist Church

Linton, IN (2004-06)

2004 - Construction of a new organ conserving materials obtained from a church that had closed. Project included renovation of pitman windchests, construction of new windchests, installation of new pipework in Principal ensemble, new blower, reservoirs, and winding system, complete console renovation including Peterson ICS4000 control system with MIDI.

2006 - Construction of exposed Great division with dramatic new layout in chancel area. New visual design by Michael Lenhart, of our staff. Dedicated 2004, with a recital by Rev. Robert Schilling, AAGO.


First Christian Church

Frankfort, IN (2004)

Rebuild II manual/21 rank organ, originally by Kimball. This organ had been the victim of a very unsuccessful previous rebuild attempt by another individual. Reynolds project included complete renovation and refinishing of the console, rebuilding of existing solid-state control system, complete tonal redesign including new Principal chorus and mixture, major windchest repairs, new structural supports and access ladders throughout the instrument.

Greenfield Christian Church

Greenfield, IN (2004)

II manual Holloway organ. 2004 - complete renovation of organ console, including new solid state control system with MIDI interface and record/playback capability, rewiring, tonal modifications, and revoicing

First United Methodist Church

Sheridan, IN (2003)

Construction of a new organ, conserving materials salvaged from the church's 1918 Pilcher organ. Project included all new windchests, reservoirs, blower and winding, refinishing of the Pilcher console cabinet and installation of new stop controls, manuals, and Peterson ICS4000 control system with MIDI interface and record/playback capabilities. Dedicated 2004, with a recital by Rev. Robert A. Schilling, AAGO.


First United Methodist Church

Mishawaka, IN (2003)

Rebuild of a III manual, 28 rank Austin organ (1968), including a new solid cherry console, cleaning and voicing, and six additional ranks of pipes including a spectacular Trompette en Chamade built of polished copper.


North United Methodist Church

Indianapolis, IN (2002-03, 2013)

Comprehensive renovation of the IV manual/56 rank Kimball chancel organ (1931), including restoration of the Kimball pitman and offset windchests, alterations to the winding system, tonal additions and redesign of previous additions to make them more consistent with the Kimball sound, complete renovation of the IV manual console including new Peterson ICS4000 control system with MIDI interface and record/playback capability.

Renovation of the II manual/20 rank Holloway pipe organ (1965) including major improvements to the Holloway windchests, new reservoir and winding system, and extensive tonal redesign, additions, and revoicing, increasing the organ to 22 ranks. New Peterson control system for chancel Kimball also controls gallery organ, making the total instrument equivalent to an 8 manual organ.

Rededicated in 2003 by Thomas Murray. Recital in fall, 2004 by Ken Cowan. Played by Carol Williams during the 2007 National Convention of the Organ Historical Society.

In 2013, we rebuilt the 4-manual console in the front of the church, with new keyboards, pedalboard, and coupler rail. Additional couplers were added to improve the tonal flexibility of this incredible musical instrument.


Fairview United Methodist Church

Bloomington, IN (2002)

New II manual organ of 14 ranks, with all new mechanical workings, and utilizing some pipes from the church's 1925 Pilcher organ. The original Pilcher facade was refurbished and preserved.


Broadway United Methodist Church

Indianapolis, IN (2001)

A new III manual, 54 rank sanctuary pipe organ with pallet and slider windchests. All new windchests, reservoirs, console, and Peterson ICS4000 control system including MIDI interface and record/playback capability.

A II manual, 9 rank organ for the church chapel. The organ was purchased from another church, and was rebuilt and tonally redesigned for Broadway. Prior to installation in the chapel, the organ was temporarily installed in the sanctuary balcony, to provide organ music while the chancel organ was under construction.


John Knox Presbyterian Church

Indianapolis, IN (2000, 2010)

Console renovation, rewinding, tonal additions, revoicing. (New organ for this church in 2010, installed in their new sanctuary, using some tonal elements from this instrument, and making use of the console and control system installed in 2000.)


Zion Evangelical United Church of Christ

Indianapolis, IN (1999)

Complete restoration of the historic IV manual/66 rank Kimball-Casavant pipe organ. Includes restoration and releathering of the Kimball pitman windchests and offset chests, reservoirs and actions, rebuilding of the four-manual console including new solid-state relay and control system and 32-level combination action, restoration of expression actions and recreation of expression damper system, pipework repairs and repacking of wooden pipes, new unit windchests for the Casavant antiphonal division, general cleaning, voicing and regulation, and tonal additions. The original tonal structure is intact. This organ was originally built in 1933 for Kimball Recital Hall, Chicago. Rededicated in 1999 with a recital by Michael Murray. In 2007, this organ was played by Ken Cowan in the closing concert of the National Convention of the Organ Historical Society.


Fairmount Friends Meeting

Fairmount, IN (1999)

Rebuild of the II/9 Reuter organ (1958). Project included releathering of the chests and reservoir, complete renovation of the console including solid state switching system, combination action, and MIDI interface with record/playback capability.

First Christian Church

Flora, IN (1998, 2005)

1998 - Tonal additions to the Holloway organ, cleaning, and complete console renovation including new solid state control system with MIDI and record/playback capability. 2005 - Major windchest modifications, new reservoirs and winding system, replacement of 8' Principal and 4' Octave.

Urbana Yoke Parish

Urbana, IN (1998)

Restoration of the II manual, 6 rank Vottler, Holtkamp, and Sparling organ (ca. 1929). Included rebuilding of windchest, installation of new reservoir, construction and installation of solid-state relay system, rebuilding of console including original internal console mechanisms and combination action.

First United Methodist Church

Fairmount, IN (1998)

Tonal redesign, additions, and renovation. Organ expanded from 14 ranks to 20 ranks, and includes new Principal ensemble and solo reed. Console renovated with new solid state equipment including Peterson MIDI Resource System and record/playback capability.

Wabash Presbyterian Church

Wabash, IN (1997)

Console renovation and tonal redesign of a III manual, 40 rank organ by King/Bielhartz. Included revoicing of ensemble, and addition of a IV Fourniture to the Great division. 2000 - Six ranks of pipes replaced.

First Baptist Church

Anderson, IN (1996, 2004)

1996 - Relocation and redesign of II manual/18 rank M.P. Möller pipe organ to new church building. Console renovation with solid state equipment. Revoicing. 2004 - Installation of new expression shades in Swell chamber, installation of Peterson MIDI Resource System with record/playback capability.


First United Methodist Church

Elwood, IN (1996)

Console renovation of a II manual, 25 rank Keates organ. Included rewiring of the organ, inclusion of a MIDI Resource System with record/playback capability, and revoicing.

First Presbyterian Church

Marion, IN (1996)

II manual/35 ranks. Complete console renovation, rebuilding of pedal windchests, general cleaning, pipe repairs and voicing.  Sadly, this congregation merged with another church, and the new owner of the building sold the organ.  Tragic loss.

Immanuel Lutheran Church

Decatur, IN (1995)

A 1912 Hinners(?) tracker organ that had been electrified in the 1950s. Renovation services included installation of a new solid state relay and combination action, cleaning of the organ, and addition of new 4' flute and 8' English Trumpet. 2000 - new pedal windchest. Original tonal scheme is preserved.

Ball State University

Muncie, IN (1995)

Clean and rebuild II manual/7 rank Schlicker studio organ. Included rebuilding keyboards and pedalboard, console cleaning and repairs, pipework reconditioning, voicing regulation, and tuning.

Indiana Wesleyan University

Marion, IN (1994, 1998)

1994 - Relocate II manual/5 rank Holloway unit organ. Complete renovation of console with new solid state equipment. 1998 - Relocate organ pipes and chests to new recital hall.

St. Matthew United Methodist Church

Frankfort, IN (1994)

New console, new solid state control system including Peterson MIDI Resource System with record/playback capability, windchest repairs and adjustments. Addition of 7 ranks of pipes, including Principal and reed stops.

First Reformed Church

Bluffton, IN (formerly First United Church of Christ) (1993)

1993 - New organ including portions of church's 1935 Schantz organ. Complete console renovation with new solid state control system and MIDI Resource System, rebuilding of windchests, rebuilding of reservoirs, new Principal chorus and Trumpet. 1999 - install new Great main windchest (old chest ruined by roof leak), add one rank, new Great reservoir, new blower

Van Buren United Methodist Church

Van Buren, IN (1992)

Rebuild of a II manual/5 rank M.P. Moller organ (1929). Console renovation, solid state control system, new main windchest, new Principal and flute pipes. Added mixture.

First Baptist Church

Marion, IN (1992)

II manual/18 rank Holloway organ. Console relocation and renovation including solid state equipment.

First United Methodist Church

Marion, IN (1988)

III manual/48 rank Holloway organ. Installation of new multiple-level solid state combination action.

First Christian Church

Marion, IN (1986. 2004)

1986 - Relocation and renovation of the II manual/28 rank Holloway organ. Replacement of several ranks. Rewiring. Revoicing.

2004 - Complete console renovation with solid state equipment including MIDI interface with record/playback capability.

Grace Lutheran Church

Gas City, IN (1982)

Relocation and installation of II manual/5 rank M.P. Möller pipe organ. (no longer extant)

Barley Memorial Organ

Memorial Coliseum, Marion, IN (1974)

This municipal organ had not been playable for neary 15 years. Project included throroughly cleaning the organ, repairing and reconnecting the console, rebuilding the luminous stop control mechanisms, windchest repairs, and tonal rehabilitation. Console replaced in 1992.