Tina Reynolds

Office Manager

Tina Reynolds

When Tina married Thad, she already knew the organ business would be part of their lives.

They had met while Tina was working for the Butler Music Company, and also teaching classical guitar. After a lovely dinner on their first date, he invited her to climb around in an old organ he was restoring.

Nevertheless, she married him.

Tina uses the skills she has developed working with customers to provide the customer service face of Reynolds Associates. Tina’s friendly voice on the phone is often the point of contact for customers in need, or to schedule regular service visits. With a compendious knowledge of the pipe organ, Tina is often able to answer customers’ questions on the phone, or to schedule a service visit.

Behind the scenes, she runs the office, and also assists on tuning visits. Her experience on the bench during tuning and voicing gives an added efficiency to these service calls that improves the quality of the service and saves time and money.