Redesigning the Trinity Organ

When we proposed the mechanical renovation of Trinity’s M.P. Möller organ, we also invited the congregation to re-imagine their church organ.

We suggested that we renovate the console using a Peterson ICS4000 integrated control system.

Outfitting the new stop jambs

We also listened carefully to the sound of the organ, and suggested several tonal improvements, in light of the congregation’s worship style.  With these changes, the organ will be preserved for generations, and will be a more effective voice in the worship music at Trinity.

Our agreement with the church calls for several changes to the voicing of the pipes.  Some additional pipes will be added, as will some digital color voices that will add to the tonal palette of the instrument, with special emphasis on the string and reed stops, as well as a strengthening of the foundation tone of the organ.

Console shell stripped out ready to rebuild.

The congregation will benefit from the useful features of the new ICS4000 control system,

Cory releathering pouch boards in the shop.

including a transposer, multiple combination memories, full MIDI interface, and record/playback function. Since the 3-manual console will be attached to the pipes by only one small cable, the console can be easily repositioned, if needed.

Site-work on this project begins December 26, 2012, with completion scheduled for the spring of 2013.  Martin Ellis is scheduled to play the rededication concert, with the date to be announced.

Console interior assembled in the shop.



Update:  Martin Ellis played a truly memorable concert at Trinity on October 4, 2013.  The sanctuary was filled with enthusiastic church members and others from the community.



Appearance before project. Note the heavy velvet drape behind the altar. The drape blocked the sound of the pipes behind it.


Appearance after the project. Pipes from inside the case were refinished in our shop and incorporated into a dramatic new facade that also improves the sound of the organ.


Martin Ellis plays the rededication concert before a capacity crowd. It was great community outreach for Trinity United Methodist Church!