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“The Harmonious Echo: The Life and Times of the Barley Memorial Organ”

The biography of Marion, Indiana’s municipal pipe organ. This 340 page book looks at the role the organ has had in the community’s history, and the people and events that imprinted themselves on this wonderful Romantic pipe organ. Marion is the smallest community in the United States to have a municipal pipe organ. The organ has been loved and neglected. It has died and then lived again. It has witnessed murder and mayhem, and also hope and reconciliation. If you love the organ or are interested in history, “The Harmonious Echo” is a must-read for you.

Written by Thad Reynolds


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The Pipe Organ: A Crash Course

Our 34-page guide to the pipe organ for organists, students, and committees. All the terms, all the concepts in an easy-to-understand booklet. Indexed for quick reference.

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Temperature and the Pipe Organ

A humorous little brochure that makes an important point. It’s okay to turn the heat down during the week, as long as you turn it back up in time for the organ to get back to it’s “happy place.” Funny and to the point! Share it with the Trustees!


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(compact disk)

Martin Ellis plays the new 26-rank Reynolds organ in the splendid gothic acoustics of St. Lawrence Catholic Church in Muncie, IN. Includes works by Bach, Vierne, Langlais, Alain, Mulet, Bdeard, and others. A real romp on a great instrument!


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The Fort Wayne Commandery
Grand Organ

Estey Opus 2525 (1926)

(compact disk)

One of the very few Estey “luminous” organs still in existence. This recording by Martin Ellis includes a broad variety of music, emphasizing this organ’s amazing range and elegant sound. The recording is available from the Estey 2525 foundation for a tax-deductible contribution of $20 or more.

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 Introducing Reynolds Associates:

A Sampling of Our Work

(compact disk)

This recording, made several years ago, features a very diverse selection of  Reynolds organs played by several organists including Martin Ellis and Ken Cowan. If you want to hear “our sound,” this compilation is for you!


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